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Recommended Reading
These books have been essential in shaping my views on Holism, Reductionism, Artificial Intelligence, Semantics, Emergence, Complexity, etc. Most of them are written for a general audience with an interest in Science.

Recommended Reading

Clicking the images of the books below will take you to the listings for these books at By ordering them through these links you will be supporting my continued research

I recommend these books because they are good introductions to the relevant thorny issues in this field, such as Reductionism/Holism, Emergence, Gödel's Theorem, Strange Loops, Recursion, the subconscious, etc. I will publish elsewhere other Reading lists that discuss Philosophy and Epistemology in more depth, and specific topics more relevant to the details of the algorithms used in Artificial Intuition based devices.

I am also considering adding a more formal page of hyperlinked references to this site.

This classic book by Robert Pirsig is an examination of how the difference in viewpoint splits society into Holists (Zen) and Reductionists (Motorcycle Maintenance).

"Gödel, Escher, Bach" by Douglas Hofstadter is a wonderful book that introduced me to the concepts of Holism and Reductionism, paradoxes, self-reference, and strange loops.

"Out of Control" by Kevin Kelly provides a good and popular introduction to Emergence.

"The User Illusion" by Tor Nørretranders has the subtitle "Cutting Consciousness Down to Size". It deals mainly with issues surrounding Consciousness such as subconscious processing, and discusses many important ideas from a minority point of view that I largely agree with.