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You Can Support This Independent Research
This independent research could be accelerated by your donation.

You Can Support This Independent Research

I have been exploring this new and extremely fruitful set of ideas since 2001 and I have decided to continue working in this area for the foreseeable future. To that end I have (for the second time) committed all my savings to cover my expenses while conducting this research. After I ran out of funds from selling my house I worked for Google for two years. A modest Google stock option windfall now allows me to continue this research full time until 2010, and includes a small budget for computer upgrades.

However, I cannot at the moment afford to hire employees and contractors, which means I cannot discuss the research and get second opinions to deeply technical issues; I cannot offload test runs, infrastructure improvements, IT work, or coding tasks; and I have to deal with distractions that occur in a corporation and in a research environment.

I believe my milestones could be met much faster if I could hire contractors and/or grow my company Syntience Inc. to around 5 people, and to lease or purchase more high-performance computing resources.

You can support this research by using the PayPal Donate button below. If you want to contribute a significant amount or discuss funding options involving equity in the corporation, please send me email. Please note that Syntience Inc. is NOT a non-profit corporation so your contributions will most likely NOT be tax deductible. If this matters to you, please consult a professional tax advisor.

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