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This independent research could be accelerated by your donation.

Support this independent research

I have been exploring this new and extremely fruitful set of ideas since 2001 and I have decided to continue working in this area for the foreseeable future. To that end I have (twice) committed all my savings to cover my expenses while conducting this research. After I ran out of funds from selling my house I worked for Google for two years. A modest Google stock option windfall allowed me to hire two full time researchers and to build a corporate compute server.

However, unfavorable market conditions erased part of this funding and I had to scale back research to look for more funding and to lay off all other researchers in July 2009.

Many of the issues we are facing in this research require design work of a magnitude that requires multiple cooperating researchers. Further, I cannot offload test runs, infrastructure improvements, IT work, or coding tasks; and I have to personally deal with all distractions that occur in a corporation and in a research environment.

Our milestones could be met much faster if Syntience Inc could staff up to at least three researchers and one or two support programmers. We would also need to lease or purchase more high-performance computing resources. The current phase of the investigation requires access to machines with large amounts of RAM. Our immediate requirement is a machine with 256 GB in a single address space and in the near future we will either need to refactor the algorithm to run on a server farm (which will require the efforts of at least one full time researcher) or get access to a machine with a TeraByte of RAM.

You can support this research by using the PayPal Donate button below. If you want to contribute a significant amount or discuss funding options involving equity in the corporation, please send me email. Please note that Syntience Inc. is NOT a non-profit corporation so your contributions will most likely NOT be tax deductible. If this matters to you, please consult a professional tax advisor.

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